The DKMU is a loosely knit, non-hierarchical collective of modern occultists, Chaos/Khaos magicians, reality deviants, artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, and others from various backgrounds and countries. It is best known for developing the Linking Sigil, its theories on magick and constructs, and its other materials concerning avant-garde esoterica. It was first founded in 2004 as ‘the Marauder Underground’. It continued its work for a time, using a self-titled forum as its base of operations. This site was eventually hacked, and activity slowed. A revival came in 2007 with the creation of a project called ‘the Domus Kaotica’, operated by a handful of Marauders. A large-scale ritual was performed on the 17th of July, 2007, called ‘the Chelsea Working’ so as to reignite & advance the current. A new forum called ‘DBL’ was also created, and many previous members, as well as new faces, joined in. The collective then went on to create a wealth of writings, artwork, videos, and music geared towards inspiring, and attracting other practitioners. IRL meet-ups were also held in various locations. Somewhere along the line, the acronym “DKMU” stuck, and has since been used to refer to the collective in general. The DBL forums eventually went down, leading to Classically, one joins the DKMU by attending/hosting meets, and/or by contributing creative materials. Once either or both of these is done, one simply has to consider oneself a member of the DKMU, and then he/she is one. We do not advocate any illegal activity. The actions of individuals do not speak for the collective in whole. Above all, we strongly advocate personal responsibility. For more info please check out TEXTS, the Facebook group, or the Discord.

Note: The inclusion of certain dubious and problematic symbols, any suggestion of illegal activities, drug use, and magickal operations of potential harm within the early DKMU literature are the products of their respective times. They do not in whole reflect the DKMU’s current views, and we advocate nothing illegal according to your area. Instead of denying them outright, they are offered here as windows into bygone eras of the piratical collective. Still, we are not without any perennial foundation stones.

Currently, Facebook and Discord Chat are our most active communities.
The forum is open again!